Shaw Accounting Group Client Portal

What is a Portal?

Portals are web-based applications that allow for the encrypted, bi-directional transmission and storage of electronic data. In other words, you have instant access to documents and information wherever and whenever you want. A portal is a place where files can be uploaded, downloaded, stored, and shared in a safe and secure environment.  Here are a few reasons Shaw Accounting Group has implemented ShareFile:

It’s easy to use - If you’ve ever used online banking or email, you’ll find your portal to be intuitive and easy to learn. Once we create your portal you will receive a few introductory email notifications with additional information and your specific login credentials.

It’s secure - Portals are the most secure way to exchange documents electronically. With identity theft on the rise, portals provide you with peace of mind knowing that the only person who can access your files is you and anyone you designate.

It’s convenient - Whether you want to locate last year’s tax return or need to urgently upload a file to send our way, you can do so – anytime, anywhere, thanks to 24/7 access. 

Once you have been granted access to a ShareFile account, you will receive an email with a link to activate your user account. Follow the prompts in the email to activate your account by setting a password.

To Upload multiple files or manage your Client Sharefile Portal, login below:  

Click to send a file directly to Shaw Accounting Group:

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